Setting Up TV Screens in Your Store for Product Demos

Setting Up TV Screens in Your Store for Product Demos

So you want to use a television screen for a product demo? Great! Television-based product demos are awesome for customers. They have a massive visual impact, and allow for interactivity. Here are some great tips on using a TV screen to get customers interested in a product.

Visual Demos Sell Products

Telling someone something, might make them remember it. Showing them with stunning visuals, actual product usage, and interesting audio will definitely make them remember. Customers will better understand a product when they can see it being used, or interact with it. This leads to better sales for that product.

Television-based Demo Placement

The first thing to think about is where to put the television. You want it to be easily seen from anywhere in the department or aisle that the product is available. End cap placement is a great place, but only if there is enough area for several people to gather and observe it. If it’s interactive, for example a video game console, there needs to be space for one or two people to stand and interact with the demo. There also must be enough space for people to walk through the area without running into others.

Long sight lines are vital so that people can see the television from afar and be drawn into it. Place the television at or slightly above eye-level. Customers won’t want to crouch down or strain their necks to get a good view of the screen. If you are going to put it above their heads, be sure to tilt it down. That way customers can find a place to stand that is straight on to the screen. This will make it easier for them to see the best image possible.

Television Mounting

Mount the television on a stand or a rack that makes it immovable. If there are people passing by it frequently the last thing you want is it being knocked over. Another option is to mount the television in a transparent plastic case to ensure it cannot be interacted with by customers. However, you also don’t want the plastic case or cage to inhibit the image or sound, if you are utilizing sound. This is especially useful in situations where there will be a lot of children interacting with the demo. They are very curious and will try to press the buttons or change the settings on the television any chance they get. So lock it down and keep it running. Here is how to get it working for you.

Television Product Demos Work for Almost Everything

Product demos will benefit sales, for nearly any product. With television-based product demos you don’t need to assign an employee to it, or hire someone to do demonstrations. This makes it an easy, inexpensive, set up and forget sales tool. Set it up, get it running right, and the customers will see it and learn more about a product, even if they are not actively paying attention to it when there is sound. Product demos means more sales and more revenue!